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Everything Worked Out So Well

Dear Mary, Thank you so much for the arrangements that you made for me going to Orlando, Florida. Everything worked out so well that my stay in Florida surpassed

New Orleans on Wheels, with turkey

“I’m not cooking Thanksgiving dinner by myself,” my wife said. “Let’s go to New Orleans.” So we did. We went to New Orleans for Thanksgiving because 1) no relatives were visiting us, 2) our relatives live too far away for us to visit them by car for such a short time, 3) we used to […]

Made It To Edmunton

Thank you for all your assistance on my trip to Edmonton. Without your help, I don’t think I would have made it. Well I promised you an article on my trip along with pictures so here it is. I went to Edmonton, Canada at the end of August 2006. I wanted to see the West […]

Disney World Was A Very Good Choice

Hi Mary! Well we’re back from our trip and I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had. Disney World was a very good choice for our first trip since my husband’s spinal cord injury. It was a very accessible place that allowed him to participate in most of the activities […]

Our Background

It’s interesting to consider how most agents who specialize in accessible travel came to their work by way of a personal realization or experience. The same can be said of Able to Travel, with the exception that it came into being by way of an institutional consensus.